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Ozone Wings

The Oppama PET-2000DX is very compact (60x43x12mm) and has a single wire connection making it simple to connect to a HT lead. It has 2 memories for storing maximum RPM and also doubles as an engine hour meter, storing cumulative and temporary hours and minutes. The unit has an auto on/off function and is suitable for 1 & 2 cylinder engines, both 2 stroke and 4 stroke.

Perfect for any Paramotor pilot who wants to keep an eye on their maximum RPM and hours flown. Supplied with Velcro pads for easy mounting.

‘Flying Suits - We offer the superb Sup’ Air flying suits manufactured from breathable Cordura material. These suits keep you warm without restricting movement and feature a radio pocket and elasticated foot straps.

Available in Medium, Large, Extra Large or Extra Extra Large sizes in blue/black, red/black or grey/black colours.

Sup'Air 'Light' Reserve
The Sup’Air ‘Light’ reserve is one of the most popular choices of reserve chosen by todays discerning pilots. Manufactured from 9024 NCV laminated polyamide fabric and conforming to PS 2001 41 S certification, the ‘Light’ reserve features Y-shaped risers and 2mm & 4mm (Apex) Polyamide lines for ultimate strength. Supplied in its own inner container with 6mm squares stainless mounting mallions and re-packing DVD. Please note you will also need some form of outer bag to mount the reserve on your paramotor (see below). The Sup’Air ‘Light’ is one of the smallest reserves available and weighs between 1.5 and 2.2Kg dependent on size. The following sizes are available

Reserve weight
Weight range

Two choices of outer bag are available for the ‘Light’ reserve:-

Sup'Air PPVC
outer bag

Suitable for front or side mounting (side mount on Bailey Aviation machines)

  • Quick and easy installation on the harness.
  • Two compression straps allow the volume to be reduced for flight.
  • Attachment with Serpress metal quick-release buckles.
  • Two-pin release for greater safety.
  • Window for checking pins.
  • Velcro bed on the upper lid for attaching instruments.
  • Neoprene flaps for optimal reserve positioning.
  • Designed for solo reserve parachutes only.
  • Delivered with risers, deployment bag and handle.
Sup'Air Cockpit bag
Suitable for front mounting, the larger cockpit bag also has a zip pocket to carry your flying accessories (vario, GPS etc..)
  • Room for 2 or 3 instruments.
  • Foam-reinforced lid.
  • Lid closure by zip with two sliders.
  • Rigid upper (instrument) part.
  • Room for 9 L of ballast or storage.
  • Small zipped internal pocket (for keys and documents).
  • Two compression straps for the ballast container.
  • Connection to the harness with quick-release buckles.

All prices include UK VAT @20.0%