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Here are some comments from pilots about their experiences with Bailey Aviation paramotors

Paul Mahony (France - Instructor)

"Since the year 2000, I have been the proud owner of three Bailey Paramotors; a JPX320, a Top 80 and a titanium framed 175cc 4-stroke and I have never had a moments trouble from any of them! They have all performed extremely well and the Bailey build quality is legendary. I now own and run a paramotor school in France (see www.mahonyaviation.com) and chose to have Bailey 4-stroke paramotors in my fleet, because there is no finer engineered machine that combines such functionality, economy and reliability with aesthetic beauty. My clients enjoy learning to fly a Bailey and I have chosen to use a new 4-valve 200cc Bailey 4-stroke on my epic flight in the Trans-USA Challenge. In fact, there was no other machine on my shortlist ! "

John Caston (Suffolk, UK - XC Flyer)

"For me long distance bivouac paramotoring in France and the UK continue to be the most exciting branch of our sport such as my flight with Michel Carnet from Dieppe to St Hillaire in the French Alpes in 2005.

The fantastic economy and reliability of the Bailey four stroke which can provide up to 4 hours of flying between stops allows us to go on such adventures with no back up crew. A map, sleeping bag and wallet are pretty much the only extras required.

The Bailey four stroke reminds me of the attributes of a good woman, namely:- stunning looks with a strong chassis, good performance, comfortable, quietly spoken, economical, reliable, low maintence and always capable of making life exciting with the right handling!

I have been a keen user of Bailey paramotors for the last 10 years and have never had any reason to consider this loyalty to be misplaced in any way. Service and helpful advice have always been second to none. Paul Bailey's creativity has allowed me to experience many 'life moments' as near to home as thermalling to cloudbase above my farm or as far away as New Zealand where I was stunned by the beauty of a birds eye view of tropical forest mountains and coast."

Norman McNeil (York, UK - Competition Marshall)

"Having spent 4 years buying, flying and eventually selling 5 different types of paramotor I finally found one which did what it said on the box.
It was a complete revelation to be able to spend more time flying than fettling. Released from the burden of fuel/oil mixing was also an enlightening moment. The only complaint I have is that it ran out of fuel once, though I only took off with two litres so I might be a tad to blame. If you want to fly and enjoy being in the air with a minimum of fuss and have a great technical / spares backup for those infrequent moments when you don’t quite get it right I must thoroughly recommend buying a Bailey Paramotor."

Henry Glasse (Suffolk, UK - XC & Competition flyer)

"I have flown Bailey machines since 2004 and have even enjoyed some modest success in competitions. However my current 175 four stroke allows me to do what I enjoy most - long distance trips with no ground support. It is definitely the best all round machine I have owned with economy, comfort and reliability as standard. Bailey Aviation have always given first class service".

Competition Success:-
5th   2004 EMC European Championship, Portugal (Bailey 4 stroke prototype / Action 27)
8th   2005 British Nationals, Derbyshire (Bailey Snap 100 / Action 27)
17th 2006 British Nationals, Suffolk (Bailey 150 four stroke / Action 27)
9th   2007 British Nationals, Gloucestershire (Bailey 150 four stroke / Reaction 29)
5th   2008 British Nationals, Norfolk (Bailey 150 four stroke / Reaction 29)
35th 2008 European Championships, Poland (Bailey 175 Four stroke / Reaction 29)

Dave Hairs (Wales - Competition pilot)

"I have flown Bailey paramotors for many years. The chassis and harness design has undergone considerable development during that period making it my preferred design for all paramotor flying - competition, fun cross country, thermalling or just playing around an airfield. The reliability of the 4-stroke engines has been outstanding and in my competition flying I have never lost points due to mechanical failure. The incredible fuel economy of the engine plus the comfort of the harness while thermalling were major contributors to my Championship World Record in 2007 for economy flying - 110km using 2 litres of fuel. I unreservedly recommend the Bailey 4-stroke."

Andy Morant (Kent, UK - Instructor)

"I have been teaching Paramotoring for over ten years and had most makes and many of the favourite models, totalling over 3,000 hours flying time.
After flying the Bailey 4 stroke just once, my decision was made as I feel a machine could not be better performance wise.  In addition, it satisfied my requirements as far as reliability with no tinkering, adjusting, oil mess or fuss.  JUST TURN UP AND FLY.

The service offered by Bailey is 100% with spares on the shelf for Europe – no ordering and waiting for spares for many weeks.  On one occasion Paul Bailey even explained how to do a small harness adjustment while he was on holiday on a ski lift in Switzerland!

I teach seven days a week sometimes and the Bailey 4 stroke is the only unit to date not to let me down. To experience the difference, fly one and judge for yourself - I did!"