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Bailey Aviation was started in 1999 by Paul Bailey, with the backing of its sister company, Bailey Motorsport who have been trading for over 20 years.

Bailey Motorsport is regarded as one of the top worldwide manufacturers of specialised aluminium fabricated and machined parts for road, race and rally cars.

This market leading position has been gained through a range of products and services that show outstanding technical ability coupled with stylish looks, but most importantly a real understanding of how something works.
This attention to detail and technical ‘know how’ has been used to good affect on a range of Paramotors that are taking the Aviation world by storm.

Paul Bailey has a wealth of engineering knowledge that extends back over some 20 years.

He started building and tuning 2 stroke Kart engines subsequently winning several national championships and then progressed to preparing turbocharged Cosworth YB engines for his own racecar and later on to customers requirements.

After gaining his Private Pilots Licence (PPL), Paul took up skydiving and became addicted to open air flying and excitedly purchased a Paramotor. Unfortunately the engineering quality on this first purchase was appalling and after viewing many other machines, Paul decided that he should design and manufacture his own Paramotor and now trike units.

The aim was to design units to suit all potential flying customers that would fly decisively and reliably with a range of powerful, efficient engines. These machines would encompass all his skills learnt as an engineer, with high quality materials used throughout, sourced from around the globe coupled with modern assembly methods that lead to a new breed of Paramotor…

. . . A Bailey Paramotor.